Podcast – A Traitorous Christianity

Podcast – A Traitorous Christianity

Christianity is about Christ. Except in modern ‘American’ Christianity. Our Christianity is about us; our music, our liberties, our failures and pain, and our dreams. And it needs to die. Our Christianity that is enthralled with the world and our comfort, and accepts the lies of Satan the same as we accept the words of Jesus because we have no Biblical discernment has got to go. All of it. And it needs to begin with every one of us.


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  • Honestly this was one of the messages that impacted me the most throughout that week of seminar. I didn’t realize that there were recordings of some of them and only just found it now, but it was so, SO good to hear again and to be reminded of that lesson! Thank you, Joe, for stepping on our toes. Not many people in our lives have the courage to do that.

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