Podcast – Are You Listening To Truth?

Podcast – Are You Listening To Truth?

Beware your toes; this message will likely step on them. But please listen with a heart that desires truth. For truth in our day is often refused – we instead would rather continue on in our ignorance, and simply bandwagon with the popular ideas. Beware, lest you be deceived by ‘another Jesus.’



1 thought on “Podcast – Are You Listening To Truth?”

  • Thank you for sharing some of your chapel sermons on here, Joe!
    I was wondering (when you have a second) if you could give me a verse reference for what you were talking about at minute 27:50 where God will ask us what we did with the truth once we get to heaven?

    Thank you!
    I’m praying for you and the rest of the seminar team!

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