In 2009, God called me to preach. Of all the things I thought I’d be when I ‘grew up’, a preacher wasn’t one of them. 

But God began to work in my life and heart in freshman speech class, and by the end of the semester I’d surrendered to preach. Since then, He’s grown me and challenged me in truth, wisdom, and passion as a speaker and preacher, and I always seek to preach with conviction, power, and love. 

Many of these sermons have been preached to the high school students that I work with and minister to all across our country, and as such, I may journey into moments of frivolity to make a point or to re-capture their attention. 

I pray these are a blessing and challenge to you.

  • Podcast – Have You Asked God?

    Podcast – Have You Asked God?

    Need answers? Need help?  
  • Podcast – Normal, Everyday Betrayal

    Podcast – Normal, Everyday Betrayal

    How well do you know the Christian life? You know it well enough to not even think about it? That’s the problem – we don’t think about it. And we know the answers so well, and we make the outside look so good that nobody […]
  • Podcast – Christian Floaties

    Podcast – Christian Floaties

    Some Christians are like floaties in your soda; just there, not going anywhere, no purpose… Gideon was a floatie until God offered Him the chance to let go of himself and step out in faith. And through his tiny faith, God moved mountains and destroyed […]
  • Podcast – Wisdom From A Donkey

    Podcast – Wisdom From A Donkey

    A prophet of God wasn’t paying attention to God, but his donkey was. The donkey didn’t have a lot going for it, but when God sent judgement upon His prophet, the donkey knew enough to recognize God’s angel. Which are you in this story?  
  • Podcast – Distracted Much?

    Podcast – Distracted Much?

    Life, and the distractions of it, often pull us in so many directions. We find ourselves chasing after this and that, hoping that the next greatest thing will fulfill. Sadly, it’s all a lie. Jesus reminds us in John 4 in His conversation with the […]
  • Podcast – Are You Listening To Truth?

    Podcast – Are You Listening To Truth?

    Beware your toes; this message will likely step on them. But please listen with a heart that desires truth. For truth in our day is often refused – we instead would rather continue on in our ignorance, and simply bandwagon with the popular ideas. Beware, […]
  • Podcast – Do You Need A Miracle?

    Podcast – Do You Need A Miracle?

    So often as Christians, we try to find answers in the world around us – in finances, or people, or education – but how often do we use the incredible tool that has been given to us by our almighty God? Praying people have always […]
  • Podcast – A Traitorous Christianity

    Podcast – A Traitorous Christianity

    Christianity is about Christ. Except in modern ‘American’ Christianity. Our Christianity is about us; our music, our liberties, our failures and pain, and our dreams. And it needs to die. Our Christianity that is enthralled with the world and our comfort, and accepts the lies […]
  • Podcast – The Enemy, Defeated

    Podcast – The Enemy, Defeated

    From Jesus’ words – ‘Abide in me… for without me ye can do nothing’ we learn the basis for victory in the Christian life. As Satan is a defeated, yet still powerful foe, the Word of God reminds us that Satan holds great influence in […]
  • Podcast – A Pernicious Foundation

    Podcast – A Pernicious Foundation

    From Jesus’ teaching on the two houses built on differing foundations, we see that even if the outside appears sound, a weak or false foundation will bring the entire house down.  
  • Podcast – Be A Man

    Podcast – Be A Man

    A challenge to live bravely as a Christian, especially when it’s hard. Often, we like to take the easy way out, or simply don’t obey the commands of our King – this is a hard-hitting challenge for young people to step up, make Christianity theirs, […]